Panthers R.O.A.R.


On Task



Panthers R.O.A.R. is a school-wide Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS) promoting positive behavior through a proactive approach to encourage social, emotional and academic success in all students.

Students can earn "ROAR Tickets" from any teacher or staff member in order to be entered into a weekly raffle for a prize. Two winners from each class are chosen every Friday.

School wide-expectations:

In the classroom

  • follow directions quickly

  • participate

  • respect others and their property

  • try your best always

  • keep your body to yourself

In the hallways

  • go straight to your destination

  • always walk in a straight line

  • keep your hands to yourself

  • use a quiet voice

In the library

  • put books back where you got them

  • return books on time

  • use a quiet voice

In the cafeteria

  • clean up your own mess

  • use a quiet voice

  • always walk

  • ask to get out of your seat

When the bell rings

  • put equipment away in the right place

  • keep your body to yourself

  • be in-line quietly as soon as the bell rings

On the playground

  • take turns

  • play fair

  • let everyone play

  • keep your body to yourself

During assemblies

  • listen to the speaker

  • keep your body to yourself