What is ParentSquare?

ParentSquare is a school-home connection tool that provides a safe way for parents, teachers, and staff to send and receive school and class information. You can use the ParentSquare Website or download the app in the App Store. 

Some of the features of Parent-Square:

How to sign up:

Send a request: 

Go to ParentSquare Join School and fill out the form. It will be sent directly to the office for approval. Once you have been approved, use your email address and password to log in!


Accept an invitation: 

Contact Mrs. McConnell in the office and request an invitation via email or text message. Once you have accepted the invitation and registered, you will begin receiving notifications.

Logging in:

On the app:

Download the ParentSquare app in the App Store, accept the invitation, register, and log in.

On the website:

Go to ParentSquare, accept the invitation, register, and log in.


ParentSquare Flyer.pdf