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Mission Statement

The mission of Plainsburg Elementary School District is to promote excellence in academics, citizenship, and athletics.

Kristi Kingston, Superintendent/Principal/8th Grade Teacher

e-mail: kkingston@plainsburg.k12.ca.us

Medina Gary, Administrative Assistant

e-mail: mgriffin@plainsburg.k12.ca.us

James Bright, Board President

e-mail: brightmsbright@aol.com

2019-2020 Reading Goal: 3,600 books

Progress towards goal: 192

2018-2019 Top Reader Awards

Congratulations to our Top Reader in each grade.

Spend your prize money wisely!

Students of the Month


"How are you a role model for other students?"

Mrs. Marchini's Class (K)- Arjun

"I finish my work and help my friends get something if it is to high."

Mrs. Rios's Class (1st)- Katalina

"I help people with their homework and pick up the classroom."

Mrs. Whitfield's Class (2nd & 3rd)- Hadley

"I take quizzes a lot and I get things finished on time."

Miss Chapman's Class (4th & 5th)- Geraldine

"I keep my hands to myself and I respect myself and others."

Mrs. Nava's Class (6th & 7th)- Adam

"I'm a good person and am nice to people."

Ms. Kingston's Class (8th)- Valentina

"I am helpful and caring. I have role models who inspire me to do better in life, like Mrs. Kingston."