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Mission Statement

The mission of Plainsburg Elementary School District is to promote excellence in academics, citizenship, and athletics.

Kristi Kingston, Superintendent/Principal/8th Grade Teacher

e-mail: kkingston@plainsburg.k12.ca.us

Marsha Griffin, Administrative Assistant

e-mail: mgriffin@plainsburg.k12.ca.us

James Bright, Board President

e-mail: brightmsbright@aol.com

A huge congratulations to our girls basketball team on 2nd place and to our boys basketball team on 1st Place! Way to go Tournament Champions!

Students of the Month


"What does being caring mean to you?"

Mrs. Marchini's Class (K)- Gracee

"Sharing with my friends."

Mrs. Rios's Class (1st)- Holden

"Being nice to others."

Mrs. Whitfield's Class (2nd & 3rd)- Ethan

"Being nice to others and never being mean. Letting them take a turn."

Miss Chapman's Class (4th & 5th)- Josie

"To be nice to other people even if they aren't nice to you. To always be friendly."

Mrs. Nava's Class (6th & 7th)- Isabella

"Someone that cares about others, never hurts someone, and is forgiving."

Ms. Kingston's Class (8th)- Grant

"Helping others in need."